Abstract Cloud Painting Ideas to Inspire Your Bedroom Decorating

Abstract Cloud Painting Ideas to Inspire Your Bedroom Decorating

Painting your wall is a good choice to make your wall more creative and artistic. You can put any theme on your wall then you put your own there. However, if you beginner at this, and wanna try to make your wall look more creative, you can try abstract cloud painting that you can try on the wall of your bedrooms first. You can create DIY your painting there and then show your masterpiece. For more information, take a look at this article! 

Introduction: What is an Abstract Cloud Painting?

Abstract cloud painting is a cool artistic wall art that can inspire your creative thoughts. Abstract cloud painting has been around since the 19th century, but it was not until 1995 that it became popularized by Jackson Pollock. The painting can help you think of new ideas and abstract things. Abstract cloud paintings are cool and beautiful paintings that you can hang on the wall in your bedroom. The cloud is a thing that you can’t fully grasp in words, but Abstract cloud painting explores this painting idea with a blend of colors and shapes. Take a look at abstract cloud painting ideas.

Simple Tips for Creating an Abstract Cloud Painting that you can DIY

Abstract cloud painting is a trend that you can try in your bedroom. If you are looking to learn how to paint abstract cloud art, or you want to make some of your own, here are some tips that will help you:

First, you need space and equipment to paint it. Like, palette, paint wall, brush for paint, then sponge. To space maybe you can try in a side of your wall. Then you choose the color that will you use and combine it to paint a cloud. To color, you can choose colors that match your wall color paint. So, you don't need to repaint the background. 

Then, you can start to paint the wall with your own creativity for each layer. Then, to make texture on your painting, before drying, you can use the sponge, tap on the cloud paint, and then up the sponge. It simple way to make the cloud have texture, or if you can’t draw, you can use mold and then you play with the layers.

What Simple Combinations Color Suit for your Bedroom?

If you think it’s a simple way to make your room more creative and artistic, you can try that way in your room. We also have recommended simple combinations of colors for abstract cloud painting that suit your bedroom:

Dark Blue, Pink, and White

A combination of dark blue, light pink, and white is a good combination that you can try. The combination suits a bedroom that has to mean feminine and masculine. Like cotton candy, pink clouds look more artistic and will steal the attention of everyone in your room.

Sky Blue and White

Taking a combination of colors like real, sky blue, and white is also a good combination. This combination gives the effect of light, and happiness, and probably can fix your mood when you are in the bedroom.

Pastel Pink and Sky Blue

Then pastel pink, sky blue, and yellow. These combined colors show when the light is in the afternoon to night. Combination color when the sunset comes. If you like to see a sunset, maybe this painting you can try in your room so that you can see the sunset every day in your room.

There are tips for to you make your wall bedroom looks more creative with abstract cloud painting and a combination of color that suit your room. When you choose the paint to paint, you must use paint that is high-quality, durable, and good for combining other colors and the important is affordable prices. If you use paint like that, you will not get paint problems that probably make you disappointed. Take a look at Noroo Paint to get the perfect paint
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