Bathroom Color Ideas

Bathroom Color Ideas

Transforming your bathroom with a coat of paint!
Bathrooms are the perfect place to play with paint.
Nice bathrooms walls have the ability to transform your mood and turn
everyday routines into indulgent experiences, in your very own home!

Rice Cake

White reates a clean look and reflects light, helping to
make small bathrooms feel just a little bit bigger.
Though white walls are a relatively simple concept,
this look can be quite striking and sophisticated.

Sea Salt, Iced Mint Tea

Gray is a great way to keep things neutral while adding
some edge. It brings in the cooling colors of granite
and concrete, but is still quite soothing.
bathroom interior color ideas

Icy BlueBlue Popsicle

Talking about the gorgeous shade of blue you see when you
look up to the sky. You can’t help but feel relaxed when you’re
surrounded by this dreamy hue. Using light blue as your
bathroom wall color creates a very spa-like feeling.

Green Avocado, Matcha Roll

Green is the colour of growth and rejuvenation, so it’s perfect
for helping you feel enlivened in the morning. However, this
shade of nature also evokes peace and serenity for pure relaxation.
Green bathroom walls make a statement that’s earthy,
elegant and effortlessly stylish.
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Cherry Gummy, Strawberry Milk

Pink offers luxurious warmth to wrap you in cosiness.
Depending on what you pair it with and the shades you choose,
pink doesn’t have to look overly feminine either.
Pink really is that versatile.

Egg NogSweet Mango

This sunny colour radiates joy and is associated with intelligence,
creativity, warmth and vitality. If this resembles how you like to feel
each day, don’t be afraid to splash your walls in a vibrant yellow

Caramel Cookie, Biscuit

This color is a perfect choice for those who want to go with
a neutral, but still give the space some warmth.
This gorgeous brown-ish shade is classic, but with a modern twist.

Black CoffeeLiquorice

If you’re looking for a more dramatic bathroom look, try charcoal.
It’s a more moody, sophisticated alternative to soft gray.
While it’s a bit on the darker side, it has has warm elements, which
makes it quite versatile. It gives your bathroom a cozy feel.
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