Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

Bedcroom paint color ideas
Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, a place to retreat at the end of a busy day and begin a new one afresh. It’s probably the most personal space in the house. The most important when selecting a color for bedroom is that the space can feels calming and the shade will encourage rest and sleep.

Colors have a psychological effect on our moods and mind and help create restorative spaces where you can retire after a long day of work.
neutral japandi paint color ideas

Red Bean MilkWhipped Cream

Neutrals have enjoyed a huge resurgence in recent years when we've craved somewhere quiet and soothing to rest and as trends like Japandi bedroom ideas have gained popularity.

Neutrals are essential for creating an elegant space. It can brighten a room and make it appear larger. Neutral colors can make your room feel more cozy.
blue paint ideas

Icy Blue, Blue Macaroon

Shades of blue is perfect colors for a bedroom. Blue is associated with a sense of calm and relaxation, so it makes sense that these colors would work well.

Blue has always been a popular choice for bedrooms because its calming qualities. In recent years, the deeper, bolder blues inspired by watery seascapes become very popular, because it can be suited to small rooms such as bedrooms to create a cocooning sense of coziness.
green matcha mint pain color

Matcha Crumble, Iced Mint

Green walls are the ideal color to invite nature in and create an earthy, grounding feel in the bedroom where you want to feel safe.

It reminds us of the lush fields, the tall trees, and fresh vegetables. Green has a warm side with yellowy chartreuse and lime greens. It is a color that can have a minty or watery green tone. With grey undertones, it looks somber and calming. Sage green bedrooms look incredibly cozy and are currently quite popular.
gray color ideas

Soy MilkMoon Tea

Medium greys, grey with brown, yellow, or beige undertones, have a cozy feel to them. Plus, several colors go with grey so it acts as a wonderful neutral to lift other hues in the room.

Gray has become the new neutral. The secret to using it successfully in the bedroom is to pick the right tones for the type of light within the room. Warm grays work well with cool shaded light, whereas cooler grays work best in warmer, sunnier light.

Strawberry MeringueHimalayan Salt

Pink has become another neutral because it goes with so many other colors. Pink paint colors work particularly well with ochre, green, mulberry, coral, and orange. Depending on which shade you choose, it can be sophisticated and feminine or punchy and vibrant.

A bedroom painted pink will look inviting no matter how much natural light is present and at night it will look wonderfully cozy, giving a warm, welcoming glow.
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