Dining room interior color ideas

Dining Room Interior Color Ideas

dining room color interior inspiration
A dining room may not be used as frequently as other rooms,
but when it is used, it really goes big.
If you’re looking for a way to refresh your dining room,
adding a new paint color can spruce up your walls and
create a luxe feel in your space
dining room interior inspiration
brown color for dining room

Hazelnut Milk

Brown is one of those shades that's often overlooked in home decor,
but it can be a great choice for a dining room.
Brown gives off a more traditional or stately feel, depending on
the furniture you pair with it. It can also feel earthy and natural.
dining room interior

Rice Cake

A cooler neutral will have a more refined feeling, but the warmer tones are
more suited to a dining space as they are more welcoming to your guests.
For smaller properties, make your small dining room seem bigger than it is
by painting the walls with with or neutrals.

Creamy Gray

If you're looking for an elegant, calm wall with enduring appeal
then you can't go wrong with gray. Offering a sense of depth
without overpowering a space, light gray dining rooms are perfect for
those looking for a neutral walls.

Peach Candy

Essentially a toned down version of red, shades of orange with
bring excitement and energy into a space.
For a grown up approach, choose a mellow terracotta or spice shade,
which will still provide the right energy for entertaining,
but without the dramatic statement of red.
peach paint color interior

Peach Foam

Pink paint is proving it deserves a place in every room of your home!
To keep things, light, bright, and airy, try bringing in refreshing,
playful hues that have a welcoming feeling to make family and
friends feel at home when they sit down for a meal.

Egg Nog

Refresh your dining room in a sunny yellow hue that
will help the space feel light and bright.
Yellow tones help to create a welcoming feel that is essential
for space made for entertaining.

Matcha Extract

Color theory tells us that shades of green are trustworthy and grounding.
Green gives a room a sense of calm and tranquility an
is a great color for an open concept dining room.

Bubble Gum

Light blues can make your space feel lighter and brighter while
infusing it with peace and tranquility. Reminiscent of the ocean,
these hues are particularly great fits for coastal aesthetics, but they
also lend themselves well to farmhouse, contemporary, and modern looks.
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