Hallway Color Ideas

Hallway Color Ideas

Hallway Paint Color Ideas
The hallway is the first space any guest sees in the home, as
well as being an important connecting point between rooms.
The hallway deserves some serious design attention
The paint colors used in your hallway can set the mood
for your home & it’s great way to transform the space.

Gray hallway

gray paint color singapore

Sesame Pudding

Grey hallways offer infinite possibilities for making spaces
feel airy and relaxing, refined, and timeless, or elegantly
sophisticated, but its most redeeming quality is the
feeling of calm it creates in any space.

White hallway

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Whipped Cream

You can’t go wrong with using an white paint color
in a hallway space for your main wall color.
It bring warmth to the hallway. Nothing surprising about this,
white paint has a transformative effect on interiors.

Green hallway

green color paint singapore

Matcha Crumble

Green color promise to renew your connection to
nature and is said to evoke feelings of balance and vibrancy.
It comes to life with plenty of natural light but can also
work in a dark or small hallway.

Blue hallway

blue paint singapore

Frosted Blueberry

Calm, cool and collected, decorating with blue is perfect!
not only does it make a beautiful base for a hallway color
scheme but it’s scientifically proven to be a subconsciously
serene shade, making it the perfect choice for an entrance or foyer.

Yellow hallway

Corn Chips

In color theory, yellow is known for creating feelings
of happiness and creativity. is the perfect choice for the hallway,
as being greeted by this stimulating color creates a positive
and welcoming mood, ideal for that first entry point into the home.

Pink hallway

Strawberry Milk

Pink will always be guaranteed to lift spirits and create an
inviting, welcoming space - perfect for hallway paint ideas.
If your hallway is on the smaller side or lacks natural light,
picking a light shade like pale pink will make the space
feel bigger and brighter.

Beige hallway

beige p[aint color

Red Bean Milk

For a calming, relaxed style, opt for a muted,
shades of cream working really well!
This colors can coordinate with an array of accent colors,
so are great if you would like to use brighter or darker
colors through accessories and furniture.

Two-tone hallway

Whipped Cream, Iced AmericanoEgg ShellCranberry Syrup

By using color blocking, as in this image, you can
create a wonderful moment as passers-by walk through
the space and admire the dalliance of colors. Yes,
while here the blocking is only a hint, the effect is quite significant.
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