Nursery Room Color Ideas

Nursery Room Color Ideas

Nursery Room Idea-Noroo Paint SIngapore
Nursery room colors may not seem like a top priority when compared to other parenting decisions, the colors in your baby’s room can affect the mood of both you and your baby. Most parents want to create a calm and soothing environment for their baby, and choosing the colors for a nursery is the first step in the process.
Caramel Latte Paint Color

Caramel Latte

Neutral colors come in handy if you’re waiting until birth to find out your baby’s gender you can add colors as your child gets older. One of the neutral colors is cream/beige. Neutral colors work well with both traditional and modern furniture, so you won’t be stuck with one decor style if you change your mind.
Matcha green paint color-Noroo Paint SIngapore

Matcha Extract

Green symbolizes nature and thus promotes a serene and calming environment. Associated with health, healing, and well-being, green has a soothing effect on the body and mind, reducing anxiety and promoting concentration.
snow cone white paint color

Snow Cone

The colors of the sea or sky tend to relax the body and mind and provide an overall sense of comfort. Blues have been proven to decrease feelings of anxiety and aggression, making them perfect for newborns and babies.
Pinnk sakura mochi paint color

Sakura Mochi

Universally loved by little girls, pink evokes empathy and femininity and creates a calming atmosphere. Pink also encourages feelings of empathy and nurturing. It can lead kids to behave in more caring and considerate ways, perhaps because pink is associated with a “motherly” feel.

Creme Fraiche

The gender-neutral nursery is super popular right now, but gray is a slightly
unexpected choice. People love decorating with gray because it's a versatile neutral that can take on so many different undertones depending on the light and accent colors. Gray works wonderfully if you are searching for a nursery design that's simple, sophisticated but not boring.

Coconut Milk

White shades are good for nurseries since they are airy and soothing and evoke feelings of innocence and purity. Whites go exceptionally well with cozy bedding and fluffy rugs, all of which create a cuddly environment for babies.


Natural earth shades like brown or terracotta have a grounding effect and can create a homey atmosphere. Since your baby’s eyes are still developing, earthy shades give them a break from the overstimulating world of bright colors and contrasts.
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