Pastel Color for Children’s Room

Pastel Color for Children’s Room

4 recommended
pastel color for children’s room
Pastel colors gives a bright and lovely feeling
So it’s a color that often to used

Baby Coral

Children Room Interior ideas

Himalayan SaltPeach Foam

Coral tone beige, create soft and stable feeling. Mostly used for girl and can makes calm atmosphere. It’s suitable for the interior of the children’s study room


Baby Yellow

yellow paint color ideas

Sponge Cake, Fresh Lemon

Fresh lemon yellow! A lively and lovely space! Match with white or light gray!


Cool Mint

Iced Mint, Iced Mint Tea

Mint gives refreshing feeling. It’s a color that is especially loved in spring and summer. Pastel mint goes well with the white furniture in the children’s room and goes well with wooden furniture. Create a refreshing children’s room interior!


Soft Blue

Icy Blue, Candy Ice Cream

Pastel blue gives a clear and transparent feeling. It goes well with Scandinavian styles. The combination of clean white and calm pastel blue it’s one of the most recommended colors for the interior of children’s room.

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