playroom color ideas

Playroom Color Ideas

playroom interior color ideas
Children deserve their own space.
A playroom should be a special place where a kid can create,
pretend and have fun. The playroom's paint color should complement
the surrounding rooms. Choose colors that reflect the overall
color scheme of the home, but don't be afraid to go with a bold color.
beige paint color singapore

Short Bread

Beige can makes the room feel bigger yet adds
warmth to the playroom, perfect to set a comfortable
mood for your child.

Blue Raspberry

Walls with blue shades gives children’s play space a youthful
and relaxing ambiance. If you have a baby boy, you can go
with blue color. It can be perfect for your baby boy’s playroom!
Pink paint color singapore

Strawberry Meringue

Blush and dusty pink can be a good option for your
baby girl’s playroom because its soft, sweet,
and feminine appeal.
purple paint color singapore

Lilac Sprinkle

For your baby girl’s playroom, you can use this pretty lilac
color if you want something different than the usual pink.
This subtle color offers a sweet vibe to a room
perfect for your baby girl.
yellow paint color singapore

Corn Chips

Yellow surely inject the children’s play space with
happy energy. The color can be refreshing to look at,
which can make your child feel refreshed even when playing.

Mugwort Milk

Talking about gender-neutral playroom colors, try using various
green shades. They are not only incredible for all genders
but also liven the play area up instantly.
Teracotta Paint Color


If you’d like to use gender neutral colors you can go with terracotta.
These colors all work for both boys and girls.
The playroom will looks calm and welcoming

Cracked Pepper

If you want a color that’s neutral but you don’t want to go for white,
gray can add a bit of character and texture to your child’s playroom.
The interior will look calmer and softer.

Milk Pudding

White provides a great shade for a minimalist design.
This white paint can easily open more space to your small playroom.
It can easily be matched with every other color and whether you
have a girl or a boy, you can use white.

Whipped Cream, Iced Americano

You might be hesitant to use these colors because they
may not seem like colors that would match kids but
this timeless combination actually works anywhere, and yes
even with your child’s playroom. Black and white feel bold and chic
but it can appear like an elegant cityscape playhouse.
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