study room color ideas

Study Room Color Ideas

study room interior ideas
Studying is not every student’s favorite activities.
Sometimes they lost their interest, sometimes they feel bored.
An interesting color works like a wonder.
Colour can unknowingly have an impact on our mood and behaviour.
A well-designed environment can encourage better concentration,
memory and overall performance.
Change the atmosphere just by changing the wall colors,
you can enjoy all the color therapy effects!

Whipped Cream

Neutral schemes bring calm to a study area. Soft neutrals help to
open up smaller spaces, by reflecting natural light.

Creamy Gray

This color helps to concentrate, so it’s ideal for a study room.
Gray also promotes creativity. This is great for thinking
something creative, something unique.
blue paint color singapore

Icy Blue

Blue clears the brain, it’s cool and calming color.
This color is ideal for a study room, because blue stimulates
productivity. Representing the sky and the sea, blue is associated
with freedom, imagination, and inspiration.
mint blue paint color singapore

Water Drop

It’s also a cool color which makes a room tranquil and lively.
The right shade of green can brighten up the room and gives an
energetic ambiance and also understood to be the most restful and
relaxing colour for the human eye to view
yellow paint color singapore

Egg Nog

Yellow is an energizing color. So it’s a good option to use in a study room.
Representing sunshine, hope, and happiness, yellow instils energy and
optimism and studies have shown that the colour can increase mental
activity and helps activate the memory, encourage
communication, and build confidence.
peach paint color

Peach Foam

It’s been said that simply being in the presence of pink
increases concentration and awareness.
Pink study room help you work harder or be more productive.
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