teenager room color ideas

Teenager Room Color Ideas

teenaage room interior ideas
It’s time to paint your teenager’s bedroom!
You need to understand that as your kid grows up, they need their privacy due to which they end up spending a considerable amount of their time in their respective bedrooms. Hence it would be best if you opted for a bedroom wall colour combination that will keep your teenager reeking with positive vibes.

Caramel Cookie

To paint a teenage’s room, you can’t go wrong with a warm brown or neutral beige. Brown can also create a restful and inviting room. You can choose eye-catching accents in orange, green, or blue to add a dose of fun to the room. To make the space feminine, use bright pink and purple decorations and accessories. That way you can add some style and create some interest.

Black Rice

Black doesn’t have to be a moody bedroom shade. A jet black can be used in ways that will create a look that’s stylish enough to appeal to your son or daughter without looking too bleak, dreary, or dismal.
If you don’t want to paint your entire wall with black, try painting one wall as a focal point. Then, the black accent wall can work as an anchor for more vibrant colors used in the room.
green avocado color interior

Green Avocado

Green is popular among teenager bedroom colors. A gentle, muted yellow that envelopes a bedroom creates a dainty and relaxing refuge for your teen while retaining an element of nature. Provide a happy and optimistic environment with a shade of green.
white color interior teenage room

Frozen Cream

White doesn’t have to be boring. If your teen is overwhelmed with bright colors, then consider white walls. A clean, crisp white offers a modern and stylish feel to a bedroom. Any vibrant color when mixed with white delivers a soft and calming appeal.
purple color teenage bedroom

Purple Yam

Some teenagers still love the color pink but may be ready to upgrade the shade. Try choosing dusty pink or salmon walls and decorating the room with decorations in vivid shades of green, purple, yellow. The modern and stylish furniture can help prevent a teenager’s pink bedroom from looking too babyish or frilly.

Short Bread

Beige wall colour adds a dash of welcoming aura to your teenager’s bedroom and looks stunning when you meticulously team it up with brighter furniture. Add some indoor plants along with ensuring that there is enough sunlight and ventilation, and you are likely to witness your teenager falling in love with the bedroom!

Butterfly Pea

For a more dramatic feel, paint your teen’s bedroom with deep navy blue!
While navy is a great bedroom shade for both genders, it’s a favorite among teenage boys and a rich navy or cobalt blue pairs wonderfully with brown accents. Or, if you want to create a beachy nautical theme, create contrast with white shades on the furnishings and decorations.
gray paint color ideas

Creme Fraiche

Light or dark grays are a great color choice for a teen room makeover because they are always in style and can be paired with a variety of furniture styles.
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