Condo Chic: Embracing Pastel Color Art for Stylish Living

Condo Chic: Embracing Pastel Color Art for Stylish Living

Do you confuse what decoration you should use for your new Condo? Or do you need something different to get a new atmosphere? Do you need references to create a ‘wow’ look in your space? You are in the right place! In this article, we will discuss and give you some references about pastel color art with Noroo Paint!

What are Pastel Colors?

Pastel colors are the kind of colors in which soft and delicate tones have a lower saturation and intensity compared to their brighter and more vibrant counterparts. These colors are a family of muted, light shades that are created by adding a significant amount of white to a base color. Pastel colors are often associated with a gentle, soothing, and calming aesthetic.
Commonly these colors are used for dress, cake, art, and also interior design. It also can look artistic when you put these colors for your Condo. Not only for accessories, you can paint and put your own creativity to hide living space imperfections in your home. At least you can paint your wall with normal. Usually, with the other colors, it can look boring, but dark or bright pastel colors can make your space stunning. 
Before you try to paint your condo, you need to make a plan to mix and match the color that you will use. Make sure your pastel color art will look perfect on your home. To make it easy to find the color palette, take a look here.

Pastel Color Art Ideas: Patterns Painting 

Actually, besides you can mix and match, you also can try any patterns to make your wall look more stunning. In recent years, DIY wall painting is also popular in some countries. The benefit when you use this, is you can maximize your design home like totally what you want. Imagine if you have a home that gives comfort to what you need. For sure, you won't leave that home.
If you are curious, here are several simple patterns that you can try to transform your wall aesthetic with pastel colors design:
  • Geometric

If you think, geometric patterns are only suitable for a kid's room, you are wrong. The fact is, you can create the shape with any size and creativity to decorate space for the adult area. 
However, if you want to decorate your kids room by combining pastel color art and geometric patterns, it is also suitable. Maybe you can try to combine blue pastel colors and pastel pink colors, to look brave but calm in one room.
  • Abstract

Then, the famous pattern in artists is abstract. With abstract you can put your emotion to something in shape. It can interpret and engage with the artwork on a more personal and imaginative level. But, don't worry, if you are not artistic, you can try with a simple abstract.
  • Create Your Own Customized

Then, you can put everything in a pattern like your own. Maybe you will combine the abstract and geometric or the others. With that, you can definitely feel satisfied with your home design.
After you find what kind of pattern to put, don't forget to recheck the color that you will combine. Because, choosing the color that you combine will affect the result also the look of your home space.
Then, choose the best paint that can cover your appearance perfectly. Non fungal, non bacterial, and odorless are also important things when you choose paint for decoration. Why? These will affect the condition of the beautiful wall for your home. If you use paint that is less durable, you will find 'paint problems' that most happen if you are left in a humid area, like Singapore. Also, that will make you spend more money on maintenance.
So, to help you to get a long lasting beautiful wall in your comfort home, you need to paint that can cover any problems, especially for humidity. Take a look at Noroo Paint.
This is the number one painting in Korea. Besides multifunction, this paint has a lot of colors that you can try to mix and match. Based on water, this paint is also safe for everything. For more information, let's visit the Noroo Paint website!
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