blue paint color recommendation

Blue Paint Color Recommendation

blue paint color interior idea
Blue not only gives a cool feeling but
also gives a stylish feel!
Here’s the blue color recommendation that looks
interior with blue color

Icy Blue


Light pastel blue, makes the living room look cool
and spacious. If you choose color like this,
a spoonful of elegant atmosphere is added.
If you match it with metal or gold,
cool and luxurious feel is
snow blue paint color interior

Icy BlueSnow Cone


Even in the hot summer, this is the coolest color
combination. White and sky blue colors like a white
cloud floating. It reminds us of a clear sky.
A refreshing living room interior is created
just by looking at

Blueberry Jam


Meanwhile, as a point color in the interior

dark blue is often used.It creates a luxurious and sophisticated space.
A dark blue color that cover entire wall is nice, but
if you create it with white or two tone like this,
it looks not too heavy. You can create a cool
blueberry paint color interior idea

Blue Icing, Blueberry Jam


The living room wallpaper is painted light blue,
the columns painted dark blue.
If you use the structural features well, you can
make your living room interior even more beautiful.

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