Greyish Color Recommendations for Living Room

Greyish Color Recommendations for Living Room

What color is your living room now?

Living room is the center of the house. If you want to add your own emotions.Pay attention to these colors!

Greyish means gray. If you mix gray with any color, gray adds a sense of calm.
To make your living room more special, we recommend you ‘Greyish’ colors!

Black Currant, Pink Lollipop


Paint the wallpaper with greyish pink and make it look like an elegant room.
If you want to give points in grayish colors, a gold tone goes well with it.

Snow Mint, Iced Mint Tea


On the other hand, if gray is added to the mint color, there’s an intellectual and
calm atmosphere. Mint gray with a neutral feel, it goes well with a variety of
wood colors, and if you place flowerpots that add freshness everywhere the natural charm is doubled.

Icy Blue, Frosted Blueberry


The grayish blue with a hint of gray, make you feel comfortable. It’s also popular in home interiors. 

Cream Puff, Mushroom Cream


Light khaki gray is suitable for all seasons.It’s a good color to use for home interior. It gives the impression that a calm green has been transferred. If you wrap the two colors lightly a natural living room interior is created.

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