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Kids Room Interior: How to Celebrate World Kid with your Little One

Kids are everything for parents. Every step in their development life are special gifts for parents. Every moment with kids is something that makes them happy. Especially, in a special moment to celebrate a big day and spend time together, it is really special for parents. To get it, how about transforming the kids room interior together to celebrate world kid day? It’ll be fun!
However, even if it is a great idea, don’t forget to make a great plan as well. Before you want to transform the room, you need to choose a color palette that has kid friendly interior design, to make your kid enjoy the room. But, do you know a color that matches the kids room interior? If yes, where to find it? Don’t worry! We will discuss a color that is a good interior for kids room in this article, keep scrolling!

Color Recommendation for Kids Room Interior

Monochromatic Blue

Blue is usually identical to a boy. When a baby is born, blue is identified for a boy and pink for a girl. However, this is no longer in case. Now, if you have a girl you also can try this monochromatic blue palette to kid interior. A layer of the blue color potentially can make the room like a dream castle with unique furniture that match with the room.

Playful Color

For the active-kid probably you can try colorful colors. Representing a kid that is more active than the other, with colorful colors can make the room have an atmosphere that they like. No need for many colors, you can put a light color like a rainbow, such as yellow, orange, blue, and others. With patterns that look creative, maybe you want to create water droplets in colorful, or a rainbow.

Gray and Yellow

A new combination color that is different from the other is Gray and Yellow. Combining these colors can make a room feel cheerful and calm at the same time. Moreover, gray color that represents balance and neutrality, can be perfect and match with yellow. Definitely, your kids bedroom interior design will look different and beautiful.


For a dad who wants to make a mini jungle for your boy, maybe a green wall as a background is a great idea. In recent years, the collection of green colors is many, you can also mix and match one green with another green to make or find your best green color. Take a look here to see green collection colors.

Blue and Purple

To decorate your kids interior design needs a plan color for making something beautiful masterpiece. A combining color that people don’t know much about, if these colors have a beautiful result is Blue and Purple. These combination colors can make your atmosphere room to feel creativity, peace and more magic.

It's Time to Play!

Parents, after you know what the color palette that your kids want, it’s time to execute!
  • First, you need to measure how long a wall will be your paint. You can guess how much paint that you will need to transform the kids room interior.
  • Then, make a plan for the pattern that you will create.
  • After it, you can buy a paint wall and equipment that maybe you need. If you still need more references, take a look at here.
  • Then, after you get everything that you need, it’s time to play with your kid! You can try to paint together with your kid and let them express their creativity in their room. Of course, what they do, still in your eye.
On World Kid's day you can do everything with your kid, make them happy and enjoy being with you, moreover you have a busy time for them. Renovating a kids room interior is a great way that you can spend time with your kid, even your family. Choosing what is the best for them is a priority, including when you choose a paint for kid room.
Choose a Korean paint that is kid-friendly, non-toxic and odorless. Why? Because it can protect your kids room interior design and also in high-quality material making it stick for a long time. With formulation 2 in 1 also saves budget without needing primer before painting the wall.
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