The Grand Budapest Hotel: Gorgeous Inspiration to Paint Your Home

The Grand Budapest Hotel: Gorgeous Inspiration to Paint Your Home

Getting inspiration to redesign your home can come from everywhere. Either from a stranger home or even a movie. As you know, in movies, they have a unique and interesting stage set that could inspire people. Including, design home or color palette. 

One of the movies that are popular with their interior design, and succeed in inspiring many people is The Grand Budapest Hotel. You can search on Google, and find the set of that movie.
The Grand Budapest Hotel is a movie that was released in 2014 directed by Wes Anderson. This movie has a genre comedy with a unique plot story. So, why can comedy movies inspire you to design a home? Then, how to do that? For more information, keep scrolling!

Why Is That Movie Inspiring to Design a Home?

If you haven't watched the movie, I hope you don't mind a spoiler. So, this movie is about daily activities in a hotel. From the guest, to the hotel clerk, there are roles that make this movie look unique. Moreover, Wes Anderson creates scenes with an interesting design.
Each scene of this movie shows the unique interior design. Carrying the theme of glamorous design in the old version, this movie also won an Oscar as a best production design. It's not a surprise, since this movie was inspiring many people to design their home, even the caffe. With that, people acknowledged that Wes Anderson had a good taste in design.

What Does The Scene Look That Inspire?

So, here is The Grand Budapest Hotel design that can inspire you to design your home. You can imitate the color palette, the look or anything. Let's take a look at this one!
First is the popular scene. Here, although the concierge carries the theme of old design, the color palette that they use was modern electic. This style is about a dynamic blend of antiqued, vintage pieces with newer style. Even so, the look of that scene was perfect.
Then, why is Anderson's design admired by many people? Because he put the brave color on his design and succeeded in making the object look so beautiful. He put the color without worry, so that the result was perfect.
Sometimes, when he puts a neutral color palette on some object, he also puts the brave color on one scene. For example this scene, he put the neutral color palette on the wall, with bright pink and yellow and a bit of brown. Then, he put a carpet with a brave color such as red.
As you know, showing the brick wall is a characteristic of old style. This design has existed since 6000 years ago, and here Anderson uses that design with a farmhouse style. Anderson on purpose, using color that faded to make it look like an old hotel bathroom.
Then, this waiting room. Look at the design, Anderson using many wood elements in this scene and choose the warmer color palette. Like a mid-century style, combining neutral parts (from wood) and warmer and brighter color palette and then the shape of wood are perfect combinations for interior design style.

How to Make Your Masterpiece Durable?

After you make the decoration dream home come true, surely you won't make it all for a while, right? So, before coloring your wall with your favorite design you need to use a paint wall that makes your masterpiece stick on for a long time. You can choose Noroo Paint.
Noroo Paint is multi-purpose paint that is water-based. Made of high-quality material, this paint designed to be durable, can cover surfaces perfectly, non fungal and bacterial. Like we said before, this paint is not only used for walls, but also cabinets, storage and even toys. This is kid friendly, so their toys will be safe.
Imagine if you use this paint to make your masterpiece, it will be perfect, right? So, what are you waiting for? Let's visit our website or contact our team to continue discussing!
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