Interior paint color to attract customer

Paint Colors to Attract Customers

Your retail store colors require more thought than just picking a paint color. Color can have a huge influence on your customers’ behavior. In fact, “85% of shoppers place color as a primary reason for why they buy a particular product,” according to KISSmetrics. Our brain registers colors first, followed by words and shapes, according to color psychology expert Karen Haller.


paint color ideas to attract customer

To get the best customer results, follow these guidelines when choosing paint colors for your business:

(1) Choose high saturation colors

(2)  Choose colors appropriate for the brand

(3)  Think about colors beyond the logo

And here are the top colors that affect a customer’s interaction with a business:


Red is the color of power and attention. It is the most popular color for marketing cause it tends to increase the heart rate and create a sense of urgency. It makes customers more likely to take big action when they enter your business and increase the overall conversion rate.

Beet Root




Orange is an energetic attention-getting color that makes customers feel good. It communicates good value deals and low costs to customers. Include orange paint color in your color scheme for a vibrant appeal to your customers.

Juicy Orange




Pink is a strong and bright color that grabs attention, associated with harmony, femininity, and romance. Pink interiors can draw women in and make them feel comfortable while they shop. It is an ideal color for a commercial business that seeks to advertise personal services such as beauty or spa care, and great for retail shops that sell perfume and women's clothing.

Sakura Mochi




Green is warm and inviting, lending customers a pleasing feeling and creating impressions of wealth. It increases open-minded thinking among your customers. So, purchasing behavior can be triggered in customers and get them to consider products they normally would ignore or avoid.

Green Avocado




Blue is a more relaxed color and a bit softer than black. When you want to be viewed as trustworthy and cool, or evoke a sense of security, blue is the color for you. Lighter blues give a sense of freedom and security, while darker blues are associated with tradition, seriousness and intelligence.

Blue Raspberry

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