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Wall Paint Color Inspiration from Popular Hotels

From the legendary century-old hotels with global standards for luxury and hospitality, to the new, modern, authentic hotels around the world. Here are some wall paint color inspiration for every hotel owner!

Ritz Hotel


Famously the headquarters of Coco Chanel, Ernest Hemingway and Ingrid Bergman the legendary Hotel Ritz Paris has set the standard for luxury hotels since its 1898 opening.

Sweet Banana

If you think white is 'boring', you should know that there are many shades of white, such as pearl, eggshell, lace, and champagne, etc. Different shades of white can even appear as the light changes throughout the day.

French Vanilla, Rice Crackers

White can be associated with cleanliness, purity, and perfection, which could work wonders for good hotel reviews, since guests place emphasis on hygiene. It also creates the illusion of a larger space, so it's useful for smaller or cramped areas.That's why white is the most popular paint color for hotels. And it can even match with any interior style, like these two below.

Whipped Cream


The Plaza Hotel

New York

Opened in 1907 and designated an official landmark in 1969, The Plaza is arguably the most famous hotel in New York.

Located on Fifth Avenue and Central Park South, the 20-story building is the setting of the 1950s "Eloise" children's book series and the backdrop for classic films such as "Funny Girl," "The Great Gatsby" and "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York."

hotel interior idea grey color

Moon Tea, Sea Salt

Gray is a color of formality, sophistication and neutrality, and works well for both classic and modern looks. In the hands of the right hotel interior design experts, it can be a powerful tool to help attract guests, like these pictures of a room in The Plaza Hotel New York. Gray is an absolutely excellent choice for rooms that are meant for concentration or calmness. Below are modern and scandinavian gray interior for you.

Sesame PuddingOreo Milkshake


Aman Hotel


A blend of authentic, traditional ryokan hospitality and contemporary spaces, the Aman Kyoto offers travelers a respite in the heart of one of Japan's most visited cities. The secluded 80-acre property is situated in a hidden garden close to the Golden Pavilion at the foot of the Mountain of Hidari Daimonji, within easy reach of Kyoto's impressive collection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Mushroom Cream

Earth tones like tan, taupe, dark brown, grey, pale sage green and other neutral colors are also popular hotel paint choices as these colors are sophisticated, modern, and relaxing and go great with brighter accent colors that can easily change the feel of any room. Earth tone colors are warm and welcoming, making it a perfect selection for hotel interiors, as you can also see in Aman Hotel Kyoto with its greyish sage green walls.

Mushroom Cream

Here are some modern hotel interior with earth tone wall paint.
white color interior hotel

Light MochaWhite Pepper


Ulu Cliffhouse Hotel


Harnessing the energy and boldness from the rolling waves and vast expanse of ocean below, Ulu Cliffhouse embraces the raw natural beauty of the Bukit Peninsula with its stunning Uluwatu location and a design that combines intimate spaces and tantalising experiences in a cliff top playground. It is an effortlessly stylish hotel and brings effortless elegance in a unique oasis to indulge the senses and cater every desire.

Blueberry Cupcakes, Blueberry Jam

Blue is another universally liked color, and there's a reason it's used so often in the tourism and hospitality industry. You may want to use it in sunny or bright rooms with large windows, since it can subdue the brightness and add a sense of cooling While blue does indicate calmness, a dark blue can invoke a melancholy mood for some people, so use darker shades judiciously. And as you can see, these interiors below have successfully executed blue on its walls, like what Ulu Cliffhouse Hotel do as well.

Blue Lagoon, Blue Macaroon

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