How to Avoid Wall Bubbles

How to Avoid Wall Bubbles

When the weather is sunny and the sun is shining, you might think that it looks like the right time to paint the exterior of the house. However, this is actually not recommended. You need to know that extreme conditions are our enemies when painting outdoor areas and it will make our wall paint bubble.


How to overcome Wall Bubbles


What causes: Poor surface preparation, applying paint to a damp surface, overworking the paint, using low-quality or expired paint, and rapid or extreme temperature changes that can cause the paint to expand and contract to lead to cracking or peeling, which can also create bubbles.


How to avoid: If you want to paint the exterior of the house, it is recommended that you do it when the temperature is around 29 degrees celsius to prevent the paint from bubbling. Also, you have to sand on the wall and use primer paint for the best result. 


How to fix Wall Bubbles


By following these recommendations, you don't have to worry about your wall paint bubbling. You also don't need to worry about repainting the exterior walls of your house if you chose Noroo paint. It's because paint from Noroo won't bubble easily and certainly lasts a long time.

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