How to Prevent Peeling Paint

How to Prevent Peeling Paint

House paint that peels off easily is surely very annoying. When we paint, we already struggle to choose a good paint that we think will not peel off easily. You should know that paint that peels off easily on walls doesn't mean that we chose the wrong paint. However, we do not know and pay enough attention to what steps are right to take to avoid this. 


How to avoid Peeling Paint


What causes: Poor surface preparation can cause the paint to not adhere properly, while exposure to moisture and water can cause the paint to soften and peel away from the surface. Extreme temperature changes can lead to cracking or peeling, and using low-quality or cheap paint can cause adhesion issues. Over time, paint can naturally wear down or become damaged, leading to issues like cracking or peeling, and certain chemicals or cleaning products can also react with the paint and cause it to peel or bubble.


How to prevent: The steps that you should know in order to prevent house paint from peeling off easily are checking the humidity of the walls, sanding on the wall, and using a primer or base paint. Damp walls will make the paint peel off easily. No matter how well we choose our home's paint. Then, we have to do some sanding on the wall. This is very useful for ensuring that the walls to be used for painting are even and flat.


How to fix Peeling Paint


Next, for walls that are new and have never been painted. Make sure you use a primer or base paint first. Giving the paint a white base will make the color stand out more. Especially if you choose to paint from Noroo. The color from Noroo paint will come out easily and won't fade or peel easily.

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