paint colors to create holiday mood

Bring the Holiday Mood to Your Home

Have you spent all year dreaming
of the perfect holiday?
Or you’ve just returned and your memories are
fading faster than you think?

We’re here to help transport you to your favorite destination,
with our holiday inspired interior design tips.
hawaiian paint color idea

Icy Blue, Strawberry Milk, Matcha Pops

Bring the serenity of Hawaii to your home with tropical inspired colours,
injecting hues of green, but not forgetting those vibrant pops of coral.

The outstanding amount of greenery in Hawaii is
what makes the islands so beautiful.
Adding subtle hints of a vibrant color like pink or coral, will make you
reminiscent of the stunning Hawaiian flowers found around the islands.
moroccan interior idea

Pink LollipopPeach Jelly

Rich earthy and sandy tones, such as reds, yellows and oranges are at
the heart of Moroccan style. Pair these with airy whites or deep sea blues
reminiscent of Moroccan patterned tiles, to help tone down the vivid colours
for a scheme that’s more suitable for everyday living.
greek interior ideas

Blue TaffySnow Cone

When you think of Santorini, whether you’ve been there or not,
the first thing that usually pops into your mind is the multitude of
whitewashed houses with their blue accents or roofs,
tucked onto the hillside overlooking the sea.

Achieve that Instagram grid-worthy look by blending hues of blues
with white, two colours that epitomise the island.
bali interior paint ideas

Rice Crackers, Whipped Cream

Bali always brings a sense of happiness and relaxation.
Keep rooms bright and airy, opting for a crisp neutral such as
white or begige as your main colour.
To further add the Balinese impression, you can add rattan or
wood decorations to your room!
home interior paint ideas

French Vanilla, Water Drop

If you’ve always dreamed of living in Paris, then why not bring the
charms of the French capital to your home?
You can use a light or dark wall color, such as turquoise or a touch of blue.
But if you prefer a simpler look, you can use a neutral wall color like beige or white
To add more Parisian impression, you need to add some decorations,
Parisians love vintage objects,
you can use gold-framed mirrors and put flowers because
parisian always put flowers in every room of their homes.
japandi interior paint color ideas

Sweet Marshmallow, Sweet Sugar

The Japanese style is highly sophisticated and simple. It focuses on “less is more”.
You can use neutral color for your wall like gray, beige or white
to create simpler look, and most specific colors to a Japanese style are derived
from brown wooden elements and green coming from plants.
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