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Creative Textured Wall Paint Ideas to Make Unique Look For Beginners

Painting the wall is a basic method to decorate the wall. You can put whatever color paint you like on the wall. You can match the color paint with your design home. Many ideas to make your wall stunning, you can take a look at wall painting ideas for more reference.

Painting the wall also has many kinds of methods. You can color the wall as essential common people did. Or you can combine 2 colors with some shape or others. Or you can also try to exaggerate your wall with a textured method. That’s a method that can make your wall more creative. And then what wall texture paint is? How does texture paint on the wall? For more information, you can scroll through this article.

What is Texturing Paint and Why Should You Use it

Texturing paint is one of the methods to decorate walls with a painting method. This method is recently popular to use in Singapore. The result can make your wall more creative and stunning as well. Also, this method emphasizes the art of wall paint. You can look at this picture, texture paint in Singapore for example.

Using wall texture paint also make you get more benefits. Besides your wall looking more creative and stunning, your wall looks different from common walls. Impression of art will highlight your wall. And surely, people who come to your home will be spellbound by your wall.

The Trend of Texturing with Paint

Texturing the wall has many kinds of those you can try. Here is the trend of texturing with paint.

  • Lines texture

Lines texture

The first method is line wall texture. You can make lines parallel on your wall before painting. You can measure the wall first to make this pattern and how much line parallel you need. Then, you can put the tools to make the patterns. For this part, you can use many tools to make it. But for a simple tool, you can try using window cleaner. After drying, you can paint the wall. Use a bold color for this part to emphasize the art of the wall. Like rustic colors.

Rustic colors are the color that shows the natural atmosphere in your home. Use a color from wood, stone, plants, and other organic items that you can find in nature. Their colors are brown, and blue until black. Noroo Paint has choices for rustic colors. For making your home look more natural and shiny, you can use rustic colors from Noroo Paint.

  • Battle Root Texture

Battle Root Texture

This method is a trend in restaurants or cafes. Usually, this method to use with industrial architecture. The wall if used in this method will look like not been finished built yet. And this method is popular to use at home as well. Because it looks like an unfinished building, mostly this part will use gray color for paint.

Many choices of gray colors you can try for this part. You can mix two or more gray colors for creative art walls. Dark to light shades colors will be suitable in industrial designs. You can visit Noroo paint to find your taste.

  • Geometric Shape Texture

Geometric Shape Texture

Next is geometric shape texture. This method can make your wall smooth on the surface and has geometric shapes as patterns. This method was also popular for kinds of texture walls in Singapore. Usually, they have classic designs homes will use the wall with this method. To color that wall, you can use light color paint to show the patterns. For example, wabi-sabi colors.

Wabi-sabi colors are the palette colors that are inspired by a vintage design. The vintage design will be suitable with wabi-sabi colors and geometric shapes. From many shades of brown, and green to white you can mix these patterns. Take a look at our website to find your taste.

How to create simple texture for Beginners

How to create simple texture for Beginners

For beginners, you can also be creating 3d textures for your home. The simple methods and designs can make your wall more creative and different. Here is how to create simple texture paint for beginners.

First, you must put something for a base behind the wall that will make a texture. Because make texture will to untidy, so you need a place to accommodate it. Next, you need to compound that resistance if you texture the wall. Then, you can use a broom, sponge, or a cloth to make the simple texture or a roll for paint that has the shape to make the texture. You can drag or swap whatever you want to make the patterns. After that, let the compound dry with the texture that you have made. Then you can be painting the wall.

Those are simple methods to create texture for walls. Use the items that have in your home, you can create a creative wall at your home. Besides playing with the textures, you can try playing with the colors. You can visit Noroo Paint website to look at more collections for inspiration. Noroo Paint also offers a wall paint service to help you make your color dream. Let’s try and create your own!

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