How to choose durable Wall Paint Singapore

How to Choose Durable Wall Paint

No need to change paint frequently with durable wall paint tips!

The wall is the part that protects the house from various things such as hot, cold, rainy weather, and others. Generally, to make the walls of the house look nice, everyone will choose a variety of their favourite colours to paint the walls of the house. Then, what if the paint colour fades quickly? If so, you need to know tips on durable wall paint.

Long-lasting wall paint also makes you not have to spend money repeatedly to replace paint. This article will explain durable wall paint tips that you can follow and make the walls in your home last longer.


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  1. Choose the Right Wall Paint


It is undeniable that quality paint results are also usually satisfactory. For this reason, you need to choose paint with good quality. Do not choose fake paint whose authenticity is questionable. You need to buy quality paint at a trusted building store.


The price may be a bit expensive when compared to other paints. However, the rather expensive price of wall paint should not be a burden at first because it might mean that you won't need to change the paint frequently. As a result, spending becomes more economical in the long run. In addition, there are many brands of paint that you can choose from with their respective advantages as a comparison.


To find the right paint, first read reviews of various types of paint that you can find on the internet. You can choose your paint here Noroo Paint - Muted. Otherwise you can discuss with people who are more experts in the field of building who can provide accurate information for you.


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  1. For Outer Walls, Choose Exterior Paint


The tips for durable wall paint that need to be considered next are not to choose the wrong type of paint. There are 2 types of paint that are usually used for the walls of the house, namely special paint for the inside of the house or interior paint, and special paint for the outside of the house or exterior paint.


When purchased, you need to tell the seller what kind of paint you want to buy. Exterior paint has a special ingredient that makes it resistant to rain and often changing weather. You need exterior paint for the outside of the house.


For your information, usually the price of special exterior paint is more expensive than interior paint. You can choose your paint wisely here Noroo Paint - Vivid. When buying you do not need to be surprised if the price is very different.


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  1. Bright Colours for Long Lasting Wall Paint


Long lasting wall paint tips that will help you are bright paint colours that tend to last longer. That's because paint with light colours contains lower pigments, so the risk of paint fading quickly is also lower than dark paint colours.


However, you can adjust the colour of this wall paint to your favourite colour. Yes, because there are many other factors that make wall paint last longer. Colour selection is only one way that can be followed to get optimal results.


There are various paint colours that you can choose according to your preference. Your favourite paint colour will certainly keep your everyday mood good, especially if you are at home more often. Bright colours will make your mood up like this colours Noroo Paint - Pastel


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  1. Choose Durable Wall Paint that Matches the Wall Material


The wall materials are varied. Some use wooden planks and some natural stone. Both materials require a different type of paint according to the absorbency of the material.


No need to worry! Why? Now you can find the right paint for walls made of various materials. There are already many available paints that are adapted to wall materials. You can ask the building shop directly when buying paint to find the paint you need. Besides, Noroo paint is guaranteed to last long in all weather and is suitable for various types of walls in your home.


The use of paint that matches the wall material will make the paint result last longer and blend easily with the wall. The walls of your house will also look like newly built walls.



Those are tips for choosing long-lasting wall paint that you do not need to always repaint and make expenses increase.


Do not hesitate to ask someone who is more skilled to paint the wall if you do not have much time and have never painted before. This job may seem simple, but in fact it is still difficult for people who are not used to it.


Choose a paint colour that you like to make staying at home a pleasant thing for you. If you are confused to choose, Noroo Paint has lots of colour variants to suit your mood. Thus, what colour of paint do you want for the walls of your house? 



Especially for you, instead of being confused about what kind of paint is durable for walls, you can visit our shop at Noroo Paint. Noroo paint is guaranteed to last long in all weather and is suitable for various types of walls in your home. Noroo also provides a variety of colours that may only appear in drama series. Then, what are you waiting for? Let's visit our website.

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