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Paint Colors to Create Bohemian Style!

Paint Colors to Create Bohemian Style!

Bohemian, or Boho, style is something you can truly tailor to fit your
personality. It is loud, interesting, and inviting all at the same time.

This style is the perfect fit for someone who is creative and unique,
like artists, travelers, musicians, or writers. Though the bohemian style is
very individual, there are set standards that classify a design as “boho”.

• Cream •

Short Bread

Since the bohemian style is often very busy, having a light
and neutral base color like cream can be extremely effective in making
the other aspects of your design pop, without being overwhelming.

Try to consider a cream color with yellow or red undertones.
Using a bright, cool-toned white would look out of place and clash
with the rest of your design. Think of cream if you want your walls
to be a blank canvas for your art and decor.

Caramel Latte



• Sage •

Matcha Extract

Sage is a very light, almost grayish, green color.
Not only is it perfect for the Bohemian style, but it’s also predicted to
be one of 2021’s most popular colors. Sage is the right choice for you if
you’re looking for a neutral tone that won’t clash with your decor,
but you still want the walls to have some color to them.

Although it is a cooler-toned color,
it compliments warm browns extremely well.




• Greige •


Walnut Milk

You may be thinking, what is greige?

Well, greige is a general term describing colors that combine gray and beige.
This is the ideal choice for you if you like the color gray, but want to warm
it up a little bit. Greige is extremely neutral and complimentary, much like cream,
but the added depth of color provides a little more visual interest.

Black currant



• Dark Green •

Peppermint Leaf

Dark green colors are a beautiful accent for boho spaces.
This can be used as an accent wall.
Using dark green as a bedroom wall color would create a
very cozy sanctuary.

.Mugwort Milk

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