HDB Paint Interior Ideas

HDB Interior Ideas

HDB homes are the most popular homes in Singapore.
If you are planning to change the whole feeling of your HDB.
Changing your HDB's wall color is one of the simplest
(and most budget-friendly) ways to beautify your HDB.



Whipped Cream

The most “traditional” advice for making a room look more expansive,
is to paint the walls white. This advice is still sound, as white reflects
light and creates in illusion of space. Additionally, if your HDB does
not get a lot of natural light, white walls can brighten your

Minimal collection




industrial interior ideas

Soy Milk

The first thing people notice in an industrial design is the color.
When it comes to building an industrial style living room, neutral palettes
consisting of gray, black, and white should be used as the primary colors.
Industrial interiors are effective because they do not need you to overthink.

Wabi Sabi collection





Iced MintHimalayan Salt

To make the room look spacious and attractive, you need to choose a light
colour palate. There’s a reason why pastel shades are so universally beloved no
matter what era we’re in. The soft, gentle tones evoke a delicate and peaceful
vibe without stripping the surroundings of some much-needed colour.

Pastel collection



Pop of colour

Spinach Green

There is no doubt that light hues make space look bigger, but to add interest,
you need to embrace dark shade too. Do not use dark colours on every wall but
use it on one wallto make the space look attractive and impressive. Like in
this room, the blue wall looks amazing and makes the interior more interesting.

Fun collection

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