DIY Paintings for Home Decor

DIY Paintings for Home Decor

Did you know when you buy home decor, you can make it look more stunning in one kind of paint? Whether for a fluted panel, wainscoting, cabinet in wet area or kitchen, or even toys for your kids. Actually, it can make your home decor look more different from before. With a bit more budget and creativity, you can make it different and even limitless. Do you think it's possible? Let's explore DIY paintings to make stunning home decor together.


With one multi-purpose paint, all decorations will look artistic by hand. Then, it can help you to make your own masterpiece!

Ideas DIY Paintings for Home Decor

It's time to unleash your inner artist and breathe new life into your home with the enchanting world of DIY paintings for home decor. Expressing your creativity through art brings a unique and personal touch to your living spaces. Then, transform them into havens of self-expression and style for a big one. 
From abstract wonders to serene landscapes, the possibilities are endless when it comes to masterpieces. Here are ideas for DIY paintings that you can do by yourself!
  • Fluted Panel
Let's start with this panel. Fluted panel is often made from various materials such as wood, stone, metal, or even synthetic materials. It can be found in different sizes and shapes, depending on their intended use and design context. 
Commonly, fluted panels use their neutral color. Like dark brown, lighter, white and other. However, to make your fluted panel more interesting, you can paint the panel with more other colors like your own. You can combine the color to unite with your design theme.
  • Wainscoting
Who doesn't know about this decoration? Often used in South Korea's homes, this decoration is also popular in Singapore. Traditionally, wainscoting served practical purposes, such as protecting walls from damage and providing insulation. It was often used in older homes to shield the lower part of the wall from wear and tear caused by furniture, foot traffic, or other activities.
However, in recent years, wainscoting is primarily used as a decorative element to add texture, visual interest, and a sense of architectural elegance to a room. It comes in various styles and materials, you also can DIY paintings for it.
  • Cabinet
If you have faded paint on your cabinet, it's the right solution to have a cabinet with a new look. Whatever the material is, you can paint with maybe colorful to look different and fresh. Let's put all your own creativity! 
  • Furniture
Don't throw away your old furniture to a new design home. With repainting the old furniture, you can get a new look of old furniture that is suitable to your new design home. Also, for this one, you need to check the resistance of that furniture before a bad thing happens.
  • Toys
Then, your kid toys. Of course, with it you also can take your kid to repaint their toys to look more interesting. Or maybe, you ask your kid to do DIY wooden toys? It is also a great idea to bond together!

What Kind of Paint Should You Use for it?

If you have a plan to repaint all your home decor and your kid toys, you must know the paint that is suitable with high-quality material for it. Don't need to buy all kinds of paint for all home decor, because it will cost more money. Then, what should we do? Let me introduce Noroo Paint to you.
Noroo paint is multi-purpose paint that is based on water and is number one in Korea. Not only that, this paint is odorless, antifungal, antibacterial, and environment friendly. Prove it can be used for any material, this paint also covers the surface perfectly for a long time. Even for outdoor, indoor or wet areas. With Noroo paint, all your home decor will look perfect!
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