Crafted with Love: DIY Wooden Toys for Playful Minds

Crafted with Love: DIY Wooden Toys for Playful Minds

Wooden toys are a popular choice for encouraging children's creativity, skills, and sensory development, as they offer a range of options that are easy to make. One of many ways to bond with your children is DIY wooden toys. From building the toy to painting it, you can do everything together with your little ones. Besides that, you also can know more about your kids and learn together.
If you want to try this way, here is an article that can guide you to make a simple wooden toy with many healthy attachments. Check it out!

History of Wooden Toys

Once upon a time, wooden toys were toys for rich families. These toys were often simple in design, but provided endless entertainment and served as educational tools for children. Especially, to learn about their environment and daily life activities. 
Then, German toy manufacturers started producing a range of wooden toys in the 1700s for sale to the general public. Vendors combed Europe in search of markets for well-liked wooden toys, taking advance orders for particular occasions and frequently for personalized wooden toys. All around Europe, dolls and animals that resemble people in real life have become children's favorite toys.
The wooden toys that toymakers produced throughout the following century increased in complexity and detail. Then in the 19th century, toy wooden troops and dollhouses and theaters also gained popularity until now.

DIY Wooden Toys

Before making wooden toys, you must research the material and how easy the process is. In this article we will discuss one of the wooden top toys that is easy to make. Here is how to make wooden kids scooters that you can try.
First, for the materials:
  • 4 rotating casters
  • 2 handles
  • Jigsaw
  • Sandpaper
  • Drill
  • 1 1/4″ self tapping screws
  • Measuring tape & pencil
  • Curved object (small paint can)
  • Paint
  • and wood with 2×12 @ 11 1/4″ (must be a square)
Then, the instructions:
  1. Use a square piece of 2×12, you need to mark the curve of the corners by tracing a small paint can.
  2. Then, trim off the curved edge with a jigsaw. Go slow through the thick 2x material and flip the piece over if necessary to get a nice cut on both sides. Sand all edges well.
  3. After that, add the wheels using 1 1/4″ self tapping screws. Next, attach the handles at the center on two sides.

Let's Coloring with Noroo Paint!

Wooden toys will look more interesting and creative if they have paint on each side. So, to make your masterpiece maximal and practice creativity with your kids, you can take your kids to painting wooden toys like their own. Of course, in this part you need to use paint that is safe for kids. Take a look at Noroo Paint.
Noroo is a multi-purpose paint that is water based with high quality material. This paint has many advantages that you must have when you have a kid in your home. It is odorless, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, environment friendly and most importantly it is safe for kids. So, you don't need to worry if you are using this paint.
For more information, you can visit our website. Let's bond with your kids and practice creativity with Noroo Paint!
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