Paint directly in various places

Paint Directly in Various Places!

multi surface painting ideas

A good interior design is the one that focus on the big picture as much as the details, because it's not just about the aesthetic, but also about understanding a problem, or a goal. In other words, the design must be flexible and adaptable. 


Buying new furniture may be the best option to transform your interior, but did you know that there is another better option which can save more money and less-wastes on our


Seaweed Green 


Save Money and Embrace Sustainability
by Upcycling Furniture with Paint!

Upcycling has started to become a great trend around this "overconsumption" world, where the goal is to reduce waste and create a more sustainable future.
The idea of upcycling your old furniture can be a bit daunting at first, but it's not so difficult if you know that it just need some multi surface paint to beautify your interior!
Not only supporting the sustainability concept, but our Soon & Soo All Cover paint is also considered safety by acquiring eco-friendly certification mark and HB certification.
paint color for living room


Matcha Pops


Paint it anywhere you'd like!

Soon & So0 All Cover can be painted directly on various substrates such as steel, wood, concrete, and non-ferrous metals without the need for a separate coating (gesso), and with almost no odor and dramatically reduced VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
Totally transform your old dining table and chairs with pop of colors. Now you can enjoy breakfasts in a brand new, more comfortable and wonderful atmosphere.
[aint color for kitchen furniture
Color your kitchen cabinets for a new refreshing look, bet you will feel a lot of joy and excitement whenever you cook from now on.
aesthetic color for furiniture
Beautify your bedroom by painting your cabinets and drawers!
Aesthetic calm interior idea
Who says you can't redecor and paint your bathroom furniture and cabinets? Soon & So All Cover contains antibacterial and antifungal functions so you can use it safely anywhere.
multi surface paint
Have some leftover paint in the bucket? Don't worry, as we have already said before, Soon & Soo All Cover is a sustainable and eco-friendly product. So, you can simply avoid wastes by use it on your decorations, such as vases, plant pots, etc.
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