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Noroo Paint

Sweet Cream

Sweet Cream

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Product Overview

All Cover is a multi-purpose, highly functional water-based paint that can be directly painted on a variety of substrates, from concrete substrates to steel and existing oil-based enamel or lacquer coatings by applying special emulsion resin with excellent adhesion. In addition, it is a water-based paint that has excellent antibacterial/anti-fungal properties, exhibits anti-graffiti function and reduces VOC (volatile organic compounds) by forming a dense film.

Volume : 1L and 4L

Purpose : Various materials such as steel, wood, concrete, non-ferrous metals

Magnitude : matte, semi-gloss, glossy

Characteristic : Direct painting without gesso on various substrates

Product Features

Various uses: Multi-purpose water-based paint that can be attached to various substrates

Excellent coating properties: It has excellent durability such as adhesion, water resistance, and washing resistance.*Not applicable to heavy duty requirements for light duty use. When painting non-ferrous metals and oil-based old coatings, it is necessary to check in advance for any abnormality in adhesion (adhesion may be poor under conditions such as heat curing and UV curing)

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