Fluted Panel Wood Flair: Cartoon-Inspired Color Combos for Kid area

Fluted Panel Wood Flair: Cartoon-Inspired Color Combos for Kid area

 There are many kinds of wall decor that you can use to maximize your kid's room. One of those you can try is fluted panel wood. This panel can typically change your kid's room easily. You only need to install it, and then paint it. Also, it's okay if you do not want to paint it. But to maximize your kids, to help them explore their imagination, their skills with what they want, why not?
So, if you are interested in decorating your kid's room with fluted panels, let's take a look here to get references combining color inspired by cartoons!

Why Fluted Panels?

Then, why must your kid's room install a fluted panel? Actually, fluted panels are suitable wall decor that can transform your room easily. Here are benefit that you must know if you install it to your room:
  • Fluted panels add a timeless, classic, and decorative touch to interiors, enhancing the overall aesthetics of a space. Moreover, these panels are easy to maintain so it's really recommended for your home.
  • The fluted design provides depth and texture to walls or furniture, creating visual interest and breaking up monotony. Then, with high-quality panels, you can enjoy all these for a long time.
  • Fluted wood panels are typically made from natural wood, adding warmth and authenticity to interior design. Also, when you color these panels, it can make the room maximize to help your kids be creative.

Ideas to Coloring Fluted Panel Wood

Adding specific characters that your kid's like is a simple way to help them grow their imagination and motor skills. With cartoon figures, you can teach them how to communicate well, can be used to tell stories, build emotional bonds and others. So, to decorate your kid's room with their favorite figure color palettes it can be helpful. Here are ideas for combining colors that you can put for fluted panel wood or all side of your kids’ room:

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is a cartoon character that successfully stole the attention of many people since 1928 by Walt Disney. Mickey is a mouse that has fun, smart and sympathetic characters. His color palette is a bold color of black, red, white and yellow. For your kid's room, you can put these color palette to have Mickey ambience.

Winnie The Pooh

Winnie the Pooh or Pooh bear is another iconic cartoon character created by Walt Disney since 1925. This iconic bear has a unique character color that consists of brown and yellowish-orange

Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson is a son of The Simpson that has yellow skin. As you know, yellow represents optimism and joy, also cheerful that are suitable for your kid's room. Also, Bart wears an orange t-shirt and light blue shorts and shoes. Actually, combining these colors palette is perfect for a kid's room, because use light colors that present suitable means for kids.
There are recommendations of combining color palette for your kids’ room. Don't forget to choose a wall paint that offers many choices colors, durable and safe for anything, like odorless, anti-fungal, anti bacterial and others. Because, this paint will be used in your kid's room, so you need to make sure of everything. To find the best Singapore paint wall that is based on water, and can be used for painting wood furniture as well, take a look at Noroo Paint.
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