Beyond Trends: Embracing the Old Money Aesthetic in Interior Design

Beyond Trends: Embracing the Old Money Aesthetic in Interior Design

Introducing the old money aesthetic in interior design: where elegance meets timelessness, and opulence effortlessly blends with heritage. Rooted in a storied past of aristocratic charm and refined taste, this design style exudes regal sophistication across generations. From stately mansions to luxurious decor that feels classic elegance.

Old money has a meaning of inherited wealth or affluence that has been passed down through generations in a family. In recent years, the old money aesthetic has become popular for Gen Z, even for their interior home. So, to make your home like old money, you can scroll this article, and let's discuss it with us!

Incorporating the Old Money Aesthetic into Different Rooms

  • Mixing Antique Furniture with Modern Paint Colors: Balancing Tradition and Contemporary Style

Each design theme has unique characteristics, including old money design. This design is popular for blending the old and new style in modern paint colors. For the living room, you can add antique furniture and eclectic design that approach timeless design. Then, you can add classic furniture for decoration.
  • Rich Jewel Tones: Adding Opulence to Your Dining Room

The other characteristic of old money design is to show rich jewel tones. With it, you can choose jewel tone paint colors, like deep blue and green or regal purple and burgundy. Then you add elegant accessories to your dining room to look perfect. Their color also can make you and family feel warmth.
  • Gilded Accents: Incorporating Metallics into Your Design Bathroom
Then, in some old money homes, you can find decorations with metallic paint finishes. For some old money, they also use this to design their room to look glamorous. If you want to try this, you can use gold accents or silver and bronze colors for details. However, you don't need to use this color for any room. If you don't enjoy it, maybe you can use it for a small area, like a bathroom.
  • Elegant Neutrals for Bedroom: Classic Shades for an Old Money Look
The last area is the bedroom. Usually, finding suitable colors for the bedroom is tricky. So, you can use elegant neutrals for it. Besides it can help you to enjoy the room, you also get quality sleep. For this space, you can choose paint colors for old money aesthetic, such as beige tones and cream shades.

Find The Best Paint For Your Home!

After you get inspiration for your home design, it's time to choose a product that you can use to make your own!
To make your dream design, it's important to use decorations that have high-quality material. Take a look at the best wall paint in Singapore, here is Noroo paint. This water-based paint has many choices of colors to help you improve your creativity. With odorless, antibacterial, and antifungal features, this paint can protect your wall for a long time.
In Singapore, the old money style is also popular to decorate a home. Even if you live in an HDB flat, BTO or Condo, actually you can use this theme to make your 'old money aesthetic design'. The timeless elegance of this design, succeeded in capturing everyone's attention. So, let's make this with us!
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